ICOLD and Levees


The General Assembly of ICOLD voted and approved the creation of a Technical Committee “Levees” within ICOLD during its meeting on Friday 7 July in Prague (Czech Republic), at the 2017 annual meeting.



At the beginning of the General Assembly. Photo taken from the ICOLD Facebook page

This has been made possible thanks to (in no particular order):

  • the work we are doing in our LFD working group of the European Club of ICOLD
  • the close link we are maintaining with the USSD Levee Committee and the support we have from them
  • the support from many National Committees of ICOLD
  • the actions of the Presidents of the Dutch, French and USA national committees toward the ICOLD Board
    (see links to the letters they sent at the bottom of the page)
  • the receptivity and support of the ICOLD President and Board

The presentation from our Chairman Rémy Tourment to the General Assembly of ICOLD outlined the interest for ICOLD to consider levees in its scope.

Letter to the Board of ICOLD business case for levees

Letter to the Board and national Committees of ICOLD survey on Levees