Short Course on the risk analysis of levee systems

Short courses will be given on the side-lines of the ICOLD Congress in Marseille.

One of these course will present the international approach to risk analysis of levee systems described in chapter 5 of the International Levee Handbook and its French version through “Études de dangers” (Hazard studies). Illustrated by several examples, it will address the following aspects:

  • Introduction and general framework of the risk analysis of levee systems
  • Functional analysis. Failure mode analysis
  • National and regional flood risk analysis approaches in the United Kingdom
  • A practical application to Hazard Studies in France: the example of SYMADREM (Rhone River)
  • Use of the results of the risk analysis applied to the Authion levee system (Loire River)
  • Conclusion – current practices and development needs. Decision making support

More details  on the Congress web page : 

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  1. It is now possible to register to the short course without registering to the whole ICOLD Congress.

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