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Web site content and accessibility

Most of the information on our web site can be accessed by anyone on the Internet. Some information is restricted to the working group members, like draft versions of documents in the writing phase and contact details for members.

  • Web pages

Regular web pages are accessible through the menu of the web site, detailed in this page:

The pages under the “Members only” menu are accessible only to our members, and when they have successfully logged in.

  • Posts and comments

Posts and comments are more interactive ways to share information via the web site.
The two most recent posts are visible at the bottom of the home page.
Posts are also visible in a self rotating display under the menu, on the home page.
To see a complete post click on the “View full post” or “Read more” button. These Display the full post, inlcuding pictures and comments, with the possibility to add a new comment.
Recent posts and recent comments are accessible via the “Recent posts” and “Recent Comments” boxes on the left of the page.
All posts are visible in the “News” item under the “Levees and Flood Defences” menu.

Navigating the menu :


This will (redirect) the user to the home page

About the working group

Links to:

  • our Working Group Terms of Reference
  • a list of our members
  • our newsletter issues (downloadable)

About the web site

Links to:

  • instructions to use the web site
  • a description of the content of the different web pages / menu items

Levees and flood defences

Links to:

  • news (all posts)
  • a list of research projects and topics


Links to:

  • downloadable Working Group documents
  • our newsletter issues (downloadable)
  • downloadable levee related documents
  • press articles related to our Working Group or to levees and flood defences


Links to external web pages, by categories

Members only

Accessing only to registered working group members having logged in:

  • Working Group draft documents
  • list of members including their email address
  • other WG related information