The International Levee Performance Database (ILPD)

The International Levee Performance Database (ILPD) is a database for data on levee failures and breaches, and other relevant performance cases (incidents, large-scale experiments). The ILPD has been developed as part of the SAFELevee project which aims to improve the reliability of flooddefence systems by improving the  understanding of their failure mechanisms. The database has been developed to serve as a tool for international collaboration and data sharing for a wide range of end-users. The ILPD can be applied for model calibration and validation, R&D on models, statistical analysis and research. The database will be available publicly to the scientific and engineering community for purposes of research and education, and cooperation. The database contains three types of data:

  1. generic information on (near-) failures of levees,
  2. information on failure processes and descriptive parameters for (near) failures, large-scale experiments, and performance case
  3. detailed datasets on physical processes, e.g. lab-measurements from flows, and erosion tests.

All data is made publically available through our website and via an Application Programming Interface (API) which allows for direct communication between software and the database output. Apreliminary version of the database is accessible through The API is available via The ILPD is currently under development andwe welcome your contributions and information to extend the datasets. The dataset itself can include information on a large range of fields such as types of failure mechanisms, hydraulic loading, geotechnical conditions etc.

Information in the ILPD is public and open access and can be used for research and purposes, like statistical analysis or model validation provided the original source of the data is cited. Whendata is downloaded, a reference file (Bibtex format) will automatically be provided as well, allowing for easy citation of your contribution to the database by the end user.

We call on experts and organizations to contribute to the ILPD. We are looking for information on (near)failures of levees or incidents, experimental data on the behaviour of levees, or experimental data on physical processes related to levee failures. It can take the form of a report, article or raw data file. The SAFElevee team will provide technical assistance to include the information in the database. Contributing is easy. You can send in your data directly to The SAFELevee team will review your data and get intouch if necessary. The team will create a database entry which can be sent to you for review before publication. Please let us know if you want to review your data before publishing. Keep inmind that the resulting publication will be in the public domain and accessible to all. If part of the data you are sending is not suitable for the public domain, please let us know so we canexclude these parts from the entry.

For more information, please consult the one page data request, or get in touch via email ( The SAFELevee team will get back to you as soon as possible.