Working Group Webinar #2

EUCOLD WG on Levees & Flood Defences
Webinar about temporary / mobile / demountable flood defences – 6 October 2022

This was a success, as 74 people registered in total, from 16 different countries.
Thanks to the presenters who prepared interesting presentations and managed to stay on time.
Thanks also to the participants for the interaction.

11:00 CET       Welcome & introduction
Rémy Tourment (download presentation)
Adrian Rushworth (download presentation)

11:15  • A perspective on the use of temporary barriers by the Environment Agency
Phil Foxley, EA, England (download presentation)

11:35  • Feedback on optimization of use of Cuirassier mobile barriers within INTERREG POLDER2C’s, Inundatio and Bric
Phillipe Sergent, Cerema, France (download presentation)

11:55  • Cracow large system of temporary, mobile, demountable barriers
Krzysztof Radzicki, UPK, Poland (download presentation)

12:15  • Testing new types of temporary flood defences
Wim van Steeg, Waterschap Limburg, The Netherlands (download presentation)

Discussion on the use of temporary / mobile / demountable flood defences
Gathering of ideas for future webinar topics
Patrik Peeters