USSD Conference

Dear all,

here is a message from our colleagues in USSD. Unfortunately the page layout is lost when copying in the post.

There are several levee related activities planned during the whole conference week.

Best regards, Rémy



The 2017 USSD Annual Conference and Exhibition starts in just 41 days!

From April 3-7, 2017 the world of dam and levee engineering gathers in Anaheim, California for five days. Our 71-booth exhibition is SOLD OUT. The California Department of Water Resources, at the center of Oroville and related water resources challenges being faced by California, is our host and their officials will be with us making presentations.

You will find a fantastic program, unique sponsorship opportunities, and additional projects we are engaged in with awards, scholarships, and recognitions that make a USSD annual conference truly unique.

All we need now is – YOU.

See you in Southern California April 3rd.

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