Failure paths for levees – A report from ISSMGE TC on Levees

Levee breaches are often the result of a combination of mechanisms, which may happen simultaneously, and/or successively. These interactions are complex and difficult to anticipate in design and assessment as well as during a forensic analysis of an actual breach. The ISSMGE TC201 has published a report on the failure paths (that can also be called failure scenarios). It is available on the ISSMGE Onlline Library:

The basis for this report is a compilation of case histories, and of failure paths used for assessment and design. Part A of the report provides an overview of the key concepts in this report and presents the proposed failure tree and overview of important aspects per event in the tree. The section finishes with a discussion and recommendations. Part B contains the collection of the contributed failure paths for case studies, these failure paths are illustrated in the framework. Part C contains the collection of contributed failure paths that are used for assessment and design. A glossary of key terms used is added at the end of the report.

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