Assessing and managing the risks of transitions in flood defence infrastructure


Workshop on  “Assessing and managing the risks of transitions in flood defence infrastructure”

The Environment Agency has teamed up with international experts to help risk management authorities to consider the risks associated with transitions in flood defence structures. The international consortium, made up of HR Wallingford, Royal HaskoningDHV, Deltares, IRSTEA and USACE, integrates current international knowledge and practice on transitions combined with working UK knowledge and practice on risk based tools for asset inspection and management. The project aims to:
• consider the presence of transitions during flood defence condition assessment
• quantify the effects of transitions on flood defence performance and flood risk
• manage the risk of transitions with improved design and retrofit solutions.

Credit: Royal HaskoningDHV

Credit: Royal HaskoningDHV

On 9 October a stakeholder meeting was hold in London to provide the opportunity to influence the direction of the project and to benefit from stakeholder’s experience managing flood defences. The animated discussion focused on specific reliability methods for transitions and the approaches for inspecting them. The workshop also provided the opportunity to hear about the management strategies being employed in the US, France and the Netherland to mitigate the risks associated with transitions.

More information about the project here:

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  1. This question of transitions is a very important issue, as an important part of failures or failure hazard are related to transitions, as case studies demonstrate. We need a lot of progress on understanding these and how to deal with that. Thanks for the Environment Agency to tackle this issue in this project, and to share with our international community of practice.

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