20 July 2022 archive

Levees in ICOLD and highlights of Levees in the Marseille ICOLD Congress

Disclaimer : this is a personal feedback on the ICOLD Congress in Marseille, obviously in regards to levees (by Rémy Tourment, Chairman of the ICOLD TC LE on Levees) First of all, check the ICOLD newsletter (issue #20) that you can download here : https://www.icold-cigb.org/GB/news/newsletters.asp where you can see that levees are taking a rightful place in ICOLD …

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results start-up session International Handbook for Flood Emergency Response

On June 27 and 28 2022 we had a start up session for creating an International Handbook for Flood Emergency Response. 33 experts from 10 countries (worlwide) and 20 different organisations shared their thoughts on the goal and content of this handbook. We are aware that many more experts are interested to participate but were …

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